Why Aquna?

Aquna Bass produces premium, pond-grown Bass. Based in Australia's Riverina, our business has a vertically-integrated approach for breeding, growing and supplying what is the world's best-tasting freshwater white-fleshed fish.

The best freshwater white-fleshed fish in the world


With a delicate flavour and firm texture, Aquna’s great-tasting Bass is a coveted fine-dining fish.


Our innovative approach to production allows us to guarantee the size and quality of Aquna Bass.


Our environmentally friendly land-based production model underpin Aquna's sustainable principles.


This is Aquna Bass. Life tastes better with our Bass.

Based in Australia's Riverina, we produce premium, pond-grown Australian Bass. Our pioneering people have crafted a luxurious farmed Bass by improving on nature. We have shaped a future for Australia's native fish, which has an extraordinary history.


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